3 Tips To Make Brushing Count

At Chesterfield Smile Designs, having patients come for treatment and leave with questions answered—from which toothpaste to buy to proper tools and techniques—is our business. We are all about educating our patients for better dental health. 1 Soft Bristle Toothbrush

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Is Mouthwash A Must?

If you’ve ever walked the oral care aisles of any drugstore, you know that there are many different types of mouthwash. Some tout their germ-killing abilities, others emphasize their fluoride content, and some claim to whiten teeth while freshening the

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White Fillings

At Chesterfield Smile Designs in Chesterfield MO, we believe that the best fillings are no fillings. But we know that cavities happen. When they do, dental fillings are in order. A dental filling is used to repair decayed or damaged

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The Importance of Six Month Checkups

When you leave Chesterfield Smile Designs after a cleaning and checkup, our front desk always makes sure to schedule your next appointment with us, six months down the road. Is that really necessary? Isn’t having the dentist look inside your

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Smart Brushing Beats Aggressive Brushing

Most people brush their teeth (at least we hope so). However, there are many who brush incorrectly but don’t realize it. In this post from Chesterfield Smile Designs, we’d like to remind the greater St. Louis area to brush properly.

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Root Canal vs Dental Implant

When a tooth’s nerve and pulp becomes infected, the team at Chesterfield Smile Designs has to make a choice: whether to attempt saving the tooth with a root canal, or extracting it. There are several factors that influence this determination.

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Our Dental Team Takes Care Of You

At Chesterfield Smile Designs, each dental professional on our team, from the front desk to the dentist, helps us operate smoothly and provide an excellent standard of care. Today’s message will focus on the duties of a dental assistant. You

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Preventative Maintenance For Your Irreplaceable Smile

This  blog post from the dentist at Chesterfield Smile Designs is for our valued patients who are overdue for a cleaning and exam. During dental deep cleanings, our hygienists thoroughly remove the plaque and tartar above and below the gumline.

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Are You Smiling?

Hello Chesterfield! Welcome to Chesterfield Smile Designs. We have been here serving the St. Louis area since 2015, and are constantly striving to cater to the oral health needs of our patients. We hope that you might be one of

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Preventing Tooth Decay

In St. Louis and around the country, tooth decay is a pervasive childhood issue, yet it also affects adults. Chesterfield Smile Designs treats people from 35 to 55 years old to improve their dental health by fighting tooth decay. Blame

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