CEREC Same Day Porcelain Crowns

CEREC and porcelain crowns serving Creve Coeur, Town and Country and Ballwin, MO

CEREC Same Day Porcelain Crowns

CEREC crowns can save your smile by giving you full and strong teeth that are the proper shape and size. Each dental crown can transform a tooth that is dull, broken, chipped, stained, crooked, or misshapen.

Our porcelain crowns are both attractive and strong. They will fortify your teeth against damage while giving your smile a bright and healthy glow. Our porcelain crowns last for fifteen years or more when well cared for and maintained.

Maybe you want to enhance your health and appearance with a dental crown or several porcelain crowns, but you don’t want to visit the office several times to attain one. Here at Chesterfield Smile Design near Town and Country, we have the perfect solution for you: CEREC crowns.

The CEREC dental crown process can be completed, start to finish, in a single appointment. Here is how the CEREC dental crown procedure works, all in just one day:

porcelain crowns and CEREC dental crowns serving Chesterfield and Town and Country MO
  1. Dr. Buchheit will examine your smile and take impressions. If CEREC crowns are right for you, you will proceed to the next step.
  2. With advanced technology, our dental team can use your impressions to create beautiful custom-fit dental crowns right here in our office. You won’t have to wait for your crown to be crafted in a dental lab. Instead you can have your permanent crown placed the same day your tooth is prepared.
  3. Dr. Buchheit will permanently bond the CEREC dental crown or crowns to your teeth.
  4. You can walk out of the office and start enjoying your stunning new smile!

CEREC crowns can be placed faster than traditional dental crowns, but they function and look just as great. CEREC crowns actually usually fit better than traditional crowns.

Want to find out more about our beautiful CEREC crowns? Give us a call today at Chesterfield Smile Design to set up your appointment. In just one visit, you will have a stronger and more attractive smile.

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