Laser Dentistry

Dental Laser Technology In Chesterfield

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Laser dentistry is safe, effective, and completely comfortable. When you choose to visit us, we can relieve your anxiety about dental visits and dental work.

A dental laser is designed specifically for oral use. We can use lasers of different wavelengths for assorted dental procedures.

Advantages of Laser Dentistry

The benefits of using a dental laser include:

  • Reduced need for other tools, such as drills.
  • A painless and relaxing experience.
  • Reduced need for administration of anesthesia.
  • Precision and accuracy in procedures.
  • Decreased healing time.
  • Fewer symptoms and side effects from dental procedures.
  • Minimized bleeding in surgeries.
  • Elimination of bacteria.
  • Preservation of tooth health during procedures.
  • Maximum safety.

Laser Dentistry and Soft Tissue

Your laser dentist can use lasers on your soft tissue to remove, manage, and reshape it. With laser dentistry technology, overgrown or inflamed tissues can be removed with ease. Laser dentistry can also be used to treat gum disease and to keep gum tissue healthy during dental procedures. Lasers can even be used to reshape the gums when necessary.

When we use this advanced laser technology, we are able to help keep your mouth healthier. You should also experience less anxiety and pain.

Laser Dentistry and Cavity Detecting

laser dentistry Chesterfield dentist Town and CountryWe can also use laser dentistry to detect tooth decay. Lasers can help us detect cavities much earlier than x-rays. Using laser dentistry, we can find over 90% of beginning cavities, while x-rays usually find under 30% of early tooth decay. Like other laser dentistry procedures, the detection of cavities with lasers is completely painless.

How It Works

The tooth takes in the light of the laser and reflects some of it back to a sensor. This sensor can then determine how much tooth decay is occurring in each tooth. This helps us catch your cavities earlier, so you do not have to suffer the painful toothache that often comes with a deep cavity.

Experience Laser Dentistry in Chesterfield!

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